In Search Of:

A “planned” trip through the internet looking for documentation…or use of Scale Aero Web Magazine to support your needs as a scale modeler.

Let’s explore just what and how web sites provide us an initial look to support our “interest” in building a Ki-61 Tony. Note, I am interested in discovering if sufficient documentation is available to support building this aircraft for competition.

Initiate your web browser and key in: Building Resources and click on Doc-U-Link. Welcome to the scale documentation gateway:

Clicking titles in the index will take you to a full scale resource web site. Within these web sites are literally thousands upon thousands of answers to a scale modelers search for both photo and illustration/text documentation.




Air Force Association

Air Force Museum

Air Force Photo Gallery

Air & Space Museum (NASM)

Aviation Heritage

B-17 Docs I.

B-17 Docs II.

B-24 USAF Photos

B-24 Nose Art Photos


B-24 Image Resources

Barbarosa's Resources


Canadian National Aviation Museum

Color #1, Color #2, Color #3, Color #4, *samples

Control Tower Index

Curtiss P-36 & H-75

David's Aviation Links

Dornier 335 Project

Dryden Research Photos


Hawker Tempest

Hien Focus *

Hobby Shack

Japanese Aviation*

Japanese Naval Aviation*

Luftwaffe Emblems

Luftwaffe Focus

Luftwaffe Resource

Me-262 Website

Michele's Hanger

Military Air Archive

Museum of Flight

US Navy Air Museum

P-38 Lightning Focus

Paul Garber Facility (NASM)

Russian Air Museum


Warbird Resource Grp.

Web Birds

World Air Museums
David's Aviation Links

Michele's Hanger

*Three of the above web sites contain explicit Ki-61, “Tony” aka “Hein” data. I suggest you use these three sites in the early stages of your search.

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