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Top & Bottom line art drawing detail:
Front View line art drawing detail:
Port Side View line art drawing detail:
Starboard Side View line art drawing detail:

Note: 3-VU above was obtained from website:

Page 2.

At the web site are pilot testimonials of the Ki-61. The documentation includes differentials for each Mk
. Last but definitely not least is a bibliography & reference list for further research: “Notes: Ki-61-I w.c.e.s. (see the profiles) refers to an experimental a/c with a wing cooling evaporation system. It was the fastest Hien ever made achieving 630km/hr (395 m.p.h.), and the last with a retractable tail wheel….”

So there you are. A concise example of how to find your documentation for an aircraft. It’s not simple and it’s no different than it ever was in the library. It’s more convenient from the comfort of your own home.

There is only one negative to this new documentation pathway. So much is found, that it is too easy to wander off...distracted. I make it a point to have a clean piece of paper and a sharp pencil at hand to record:

A: Where I wanted to go.
B: Where I am.
C: Places I find along the way.

That's enough for our first step into the wonderful world of scale modeling on the web. We’ll see you on another trek soon...

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