orders are shipped FIFO, First In ~ First Out in sequence from booking date to assure customers are shipped orders in as expeditious a manner possible against in-house inventory and arrivals of inbound shipments from mill production of this specialty alloy. As of August 31, 2014, in-house inventory and inbound shipments permit all booked orders to ship on or before September 5, 2014.

Nothing is assured, our mill converter gave us excellent news. They plan to work their "normal" Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's holiday schedule. This will see the mill closed for a couple of days at Thanksgiving, and the week between Christmas Eve on Dec. 24th through Jan.2nd, 2015. This will permit us to maintain consistent in-house inventory for your holiday building/finishing sessions. 
, is shipped in a single continuous length of converted raw aluminum, packaged FIFO, first in ~ first out, and shipped in a red, white, and blue USPS Priority Mail "Shoebox" whenever possible. Online shipment tracking number is emailed to customer supplied email address after package is shipped. Entering number in Google's search field will initiate a tracking report.

package is received, package converts to a dispensary from which lengths for each panel on aircraft are easily cut. Adhere 14" x 8.5" dispensary guide sheet to side of package then perform the following:
B: Place enclosed straight edge (FK packaging) along illustrated line and attach to box with accompanying brads.
: Cut along top edge of adhered straight edge using a hobby knife to carefully remove illustrated gray rectangle.
: Place
back in box, feeding loose end up and over roll through cut out and reseal box.

Package is now ready to dispense lengths of and protect balance from dust, overspray, and contaminates. 

Photo of Large Flat Rate Box Photo of Flat Rate Boxes Photo of Flat Rate Envelope

*Dimension, per product definition, represents minimum unit of measure, per sold-as length.
  When possible products are packaged and ship as single continuous length, when possible.

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