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    Annmarie Cross

Prior to the Southwest Aeromodeling Conference in the spring of Y2K, AnnMarie Cross contacted aeromodeling email lists and discussion groups soliciting their favorite web sites to create the Modeling On The Web handout she planned to distribute to attendees at her SWAC seminar session... Modeling On The Web. From the original hardcopy document, I created the following html hyperlink launch page. Simply select a web site or email list and click the underlined http://www.prefix to be taken to any site listed below.                scalaro2.gif (2313 bytes)© Ed Clayman

                       Email Lists                                                                   Organizations

AMA District 5 members                                         AMA                     

AMA District 8 members                      AMA District 8 Site      

AMA District 10 members                                   IMAC (scale aerobatics) 

Electric aircraft                              eflight‑      Scale Combat                  

Futaba 9Z radios                      RC Combat                    

Futaba 8 U radios                                Scale (NASA)   

General RC airplanes                    FlyRC‑                    Giant Scale                  

RC Airplanes                    IMAA                    

Scale Aircraft (join here)              Pattern

Jets/Turbines                                RC‑jets‑       League of Silent Flight

Micro/Indoor/Park Flyers             SMALLnet‑          Lady Hawks            

                                                                                                                               Jet Pilots                             

Slow Flight/Indoor                        sfrc‑                      Fun Fly                           

Pattern flying:                               nsrca‑         Control Line Racing     

Scale Aerobatics (IMAC)             mini‑        Pylon Racing                       

Giant Aircraft (IMAA legal)                  bigbird@fly‑                    Unlimited Giant Scale Racing    

Pylon Racing                                 pylon‑list‑        Helicopters                     

NEWSGROUP                            rec.models.rc.air:  (go to: or use your browser’s
                                                     newsgroup reader)

Magazine Web Sites.............................................

                      Electronic Magazines “E-Zines”                                                                Monthly Publication Magazines

General RC                                     Model Airplane News|m

Electric RC Aircraft                                Flight Smith                    

R/C Cars/Trucks                      Model Aviation           

General RC                                    RC Boat Modeler           

General RC                                                RC Car Action                

Soaring                                           RC Excellence                 

Scale Aircraft                                        RC MicroFlight              

Reviews, General RC                      RC Modeler                    

 RC Report                      

Flying Penguin of So Florida                                                                       Rotary Modeler                                        Sailplane and Elec Modeler  

Traplet (many titles)      

Modeler's Favorite Sites Not In The Categories Above..........................

              R/C Community Sites                                                                                   Individual Modelers’ Sites

NET Radio Control     


RC Airplanes                            http://www.grandpas‑

Scale Aero Web Magazine               


Red’s Battery Clinic      

RC Aviators                        

Electric Flyers Only                    

Minnesota Electric Fliers     Humor: “You might be an RC modeler if...”

Scale Aerobatics                    ‑be.htm

hints & Tips, Construction

Info on Composites        

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