A small amount of rivet B goes a long, long way. Apply Dark color to 10 or 12 holes then apply Lite color to
side of same 10 or 12 holes.

You may be tempted to combine 2 colors to form a different shade, don't for now.
As seen in the word color you place Dark & Lite Rivet colors "alternately" into rivet holes.

Immediately go to 7 or 10 Dark Rivets and "lightly" pat Lite Rivet on one side of each hole as if to tint edge rivet. Dab of second color imparts a tint as actually occurs on the surface of full scale aircraft. This looks exceptional when rivet strip is peeled from surface.

Dark & Lite rivets should be applied to alternate sides of the adjacent rivet holes along perimeter to prevent a repetitive pattern. Unlike dry transfer rivets,
"B" flush rivets do not make rivets appear to be Pokka dots. The color is realistic & distribution of 2nd color appears as it does on full scale aircraft.

Available In 1/4, 1/5, 1/6 Scale Rivets

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