C.G. Calculator

This form will calculate the position of a Center of Gravity (CG) on a model airplane wing as measured from the leading edge of the Root Chord. If you need to know the % of the Mean Aerodynamic Chord (
MAC) for a given position of the CG you should use the Mean Aerodynamic Chord Form.

Enter Root Chord (A):  CG Graphic
Enter Tip Chord (B): 
Enter Sweep Distance (S):
Enter Half Span (Y):
Enter %MAC Balance Point:
Sweep Distance @ MAC (C) =
Mean Aerodynamic Chord (MAC) =
MAC Distance from Root (d) =
Balance Point @ Root Chord (CG) =
The Equations
C = (S(A+2B)) / (3(A+B))
MAC = A-(2(A-B)(0.5A+B) / (3(A+B)))
d = (2Y(0.5A+B)) / (3(A+B))
CG = %MAC B.P.*(MAC) + C

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